Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Ideas

Springtime is a time for new and bright crafts.  The dullness of the winter gives way to the birth of a new year.  I am going to be working on gourd birdhouses that that house our little feathered friends.  Will see how they hold up outside in the weather.  I had them outside last year for a few months and they seemed to hold up well. 

Sunflower Gourd, from my garden, sign on back says Apartment for rent.

This one was very pretty, purple pansies with butterfly.

The gourds are fairly tough shelled, bleached, painted with white and decorated.  They are sealed with a spray acrylic and have holes in the bottom for drainage.   I am planning on selling them at a craft fair in May 2011.  They will go for about $20-25.

I do plan on doing more artistic ones.  Such as the Santa below, but the cost will be much higher due to the time involved in painting.

These are fun and I have seen so many ideas, including cottages and woodburned ones that are unique.